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TECH TIPS - March 17, 2020

District Search for a Student

  • On the start page click on the District Search tab.
  • Enter student information, last name or DOB, click search.
  • This is view only information showing the last or present school the student attended and whether the student is active or inactive in that school.

TECH TIPS - March 4, 2020

New Birthday by Month

  • Make sure you are in your school.
  • On the left hand menu, click on Birthday by Month.
  • Select the month you want.
  • Click on the birthday column to sort by date.
  • In the upper right hand corner click on the print icon.

Stored Searches

  • The search to find the Indigenous Education students has been moved to the front page.
  • We will be adding more common searches to that same space.

Find Me Now! (For middle school and high school)

  • Select a student
  • Click on the blue location icon next to the student name.
  • This will tell you exactly where the student is now.
  • Works with MS and HS Bell Schedule
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